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Planning for Corporate as well as Family Succession

Franco Advogados has extensive expertise in building the best succession planning solutions for you, your family and your company, and in their implementation  of the necessary procedures for its agreement and execution. Among the main services provided by the office are:

  • Take stock of the total assets of an individual or a Family, restructuring the assets and elaborating the Succession plan;
  • Do the follow-up of the transference process;
  • Provide legal guidance to constitute property or assetholdings andoffshore, structures, as the case may be;
  • Prepare documents of donation, wills, division of properties and other assets;
  • Development of structures that guarantee the continuity of the company and the perpetuation of assets;
  • Supply legal counsel on enterprise governance or wahen conflicts arise among the partners;
  • Develop structures which guarantee the continuity of the enterprise;
  • Analyse the tax incidence on eventual succession and restructure the assets accordingly, as well as render judicial and administrative defence.