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Labour Law

There is a highly qualified team of lawyers at Franco Advogados who have proved themselves to be efficient and successful in consulting and advisory roles, assisting the clients on matters such as remuneration of executives, corporate counselling, trade unions, and judicial and administrative disputes.

Our services, generally marked by multi-disciplinarity, include:

  • Drafting and revision of labour contracts, including the special clauses added to them;
  • Planning and structuring the organogram, defining the hierarchical relations, salaries and perks;
  • Elaboration of a plan of participation in profits and results;
  • Orientate employees and/or service-suppliers on topics like security and health norms at the workplace;
  • Orientate the clients regarding the different forms of contracting and paying remuneration as well as the risks involved depending on the chosen option;
  • Consulting services on elaboration of labour auditing;
  • General counselling on matters related to labour law; and
  • Give training to all the office-bearers of the client-company.

Remuneration of Executives
In order to attend to the best interests of the companies and their business, and to motivate their executives, the services include:

  • Elaboration of the offer letter for contracting executives;
  • Elaboration and revision of the plan of variable remuneration;
  • Give training to the Board of Directors, Managers and other officials in the hierarchy; and
  • Elaboration and revision of labour contracts and individual agreements with special clauses for executives.

Advisory business consulting on Labour Union matters
The firm assists its clients in negotiation, elaboration and revision of collective labour agreements.

Judicial and administrative litigation
With a vast experience in dealing with labour disputes, the litigation services team attends the clients with a personalized legal assistance, assuring them of a sure and safe way of doing the follow-up of the cases.

In the judicial sphere, we deal with labour claims, consignation of payment, inquiry of grave faults or absence, prohibitory interdict, public civil cases, Writ of mandamus/warrant/security mandate/court order, partial corrections, protective and precautionary measures, Constitutional complains, preparative proceedings, civil investigation, among others.

In the Administrative area, the service involves precautionary investigations, civil inquiries and terms of conduct adjustment before the Regional Attorney’s office and the Labour Court and the Labour Ministry.

Aside from these above mentioned services, the firm offers legal advice and orientation to its clients to adopt measures and practices which may reduce the number of court cases. The services include preventive consultation and training in methods to reduce conflicts and potential losses.