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Corporate Law

Corporate Law is a relevant area of practice of Franco Advogados.

Our experience includes diverse types of legal assistance on corporate matters, including, without limitation:

  • Incorporating commercial companies, partnerships, investment funds, joint ventures, consortia, etc, including the preparation of corporate documents and contracts, obtaining of licenses, enrollments and registrations, assisting with obligations with the Central Bank of Brasil and other authorities etc;
  • Assisting corporate and business reorganization transactions, including mergers, consolidations, drop downs, spin offs and other possible structures to achieve best corporate and business efficiencies within a group of companies, providing the drafting and registration of all applicable documents and assistance as to the adoption of all applicable procedures for the effectiveness of the reorganization;
  • Routine corporate procedures to ensure corporate good standing and legal compliance, including corporate resolutions, amendments to articles of associations/bylaws, shareholders agreements, dividend distributions, approval of financial statements, appointment and removal of legal representatives, corporate books etc;
  • Assisting foreign investors in their corporate ownerships in Brazil, including legal assistance to formalize appointment and removal of attorneys-in-fact, obtaining of tax enrollments, registration of foreign documents, registration of foreign capital with the Central Bank of Brasil;
  • Providing legal assistance to formalize corporate funding transactions of different types;
  • Providing legal assistance in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions, including due diligence, drafting, review and negotiation of all types of contracts and documents (please refer to our M&A practice description for detailed information).