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Law related to the Energy sector

With specialized professionals, Franco Advogados has been able to provide legal counsel to companies entering the essential and strategic public services like the energy sector. Such ventures require adequate management to avoid commercial losses, maintain credit worthiness and avoid risks related to accountability e compliance.

The firm has a long history of performance by way of providing legal counsel and consultation to companies engaged in the energy sector (Generation, transmission and distribution). Its multi-disciplinary team has represented the clients before the regulatory, surveillance and controlling agencies (ANEEL, ONS, State level regulatory agencies and other such organs).

The long experience in this area is an asset of the firm as it enhances and adds value to the legal support that the office offers.

Franco Advogados is committed to contribute in: ● Meeting collection targets; ● Dealing with clients of doubtful payment (PDD); ● Betterment of EBITDA; ● Reduction and control of processes.

The office uses the most up-to-date technological tools and always seek excellence in order to reduce risks to the minimum for its clients. The team is prepared to act in the following fronts:

  • Litigation of active contingency;
  • Litigation of passive contingency;
  • Urgent measures;
  • Administrative procedures;
  • Complex negotiations; and
  • Cooperate with the client on sensitive areas like the judicial, the commercial and the financial.