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Civil Disputes

Franco Advogados is well known for its successful work in judicial litigation and Arbitration. Its team of lawyers is known for getting solutions within a reasonable time.

Among the office’s main areas of activity are the following:

  • Arbitration – processes go to the Arbitration court when fulfillment of commercial contracts is questioned, especially in the case of infrastructure works;
  • Civil Law – fulfillment of contracts, civil responsibility, disputes regarding property ownership and matters concerning real estate are objects of legal professional performance.
  • Corporate Law some common topics requiring legal assistance: establishment and dissolution of corporate entities and joint ventures, forced exclusion of partners, litigation for irregular use of patents and brand names, disputes arising from employee cooptation and/or irregular control/administration of companies or firms.

In addition to the legal services involving these above topics, the team offers preventive consultation to reduce the number of judicial and administrative processes, conflicts and potential losses.