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Franco Advogados offers legal and consulting services on all sorts of insurance policies: life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, automobile and real estate insurance, and others.

Based on the experience of professionals with several works and articles published on the subject, with active participation in the improvement of PL nº 3.555/2004, which Codifies the Insurance System in Brazil, in addition to intense performance before the Panels of Private Law of the Superior Court of Justice, as well as with the Supreme Federal Court, the office assists its clients with the following topics related to insurance:

  • Advice on claims adjustment;
  • Elaboration and revision of Insurance contracts;
  • Solution of insurance disputes;
  • Litigation at the different judiciary instances;
  • Preparation of scientific reports;
  • Preparation of opinions; and
  • Represent the client at the different Organs and Authorities of the Insurance Sector such as SUSEP (Superintendência de Seguros Privados) and SINCOR (Sindicatos dos Corretores de Seguros).