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Legal Auditing

The firm holds vast experience in getting (Due Diligence done.Such a process is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team in a personalized manner in the case of individuals and, in the case of companies and firms, guiding towards Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate planning and restructuring, tax incidence planning, corporate governance and Compliance training programs..

Among the services rendered by the firm, the following may be highlighted:

  • Regarding the contractual and corporate aspects, the legal auditing is focused on the analysis of everything done by the companies and its owners/stakeholders/shareholders in a way to take account of all contracted rights and obligations;
  • In the area of Tax Law, what is mainly looked for are contingencies by way of verifying the fiscal routines and the fulfilling of tax obligations, including evaluation of judicial and administrative processes;
  • In matters concerning labourers and social security schemes, the legal auditing covers also an evaluation of contingencies through a review of routines followed by the labour, social security and human resources departments. An evaluation of judicial and administrative processes, in which the company has been involved actively or passively, is also included.