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Supplementary Pension Schemes

Franco Advogados gives legal consultation to the clients on all such schemes, rendering services such as:

  • Give legal advice and act as representatives of the clients in accompanying litigation procedures;
  • Elaborate the Statutes and Regulations of complementary pension schemes;
  • Provide legal advice in constituting the internal governance structures such as the Board of Directors as well as the Executive and Fiscal Committees in order to avoid conflicts and judicial risks in the running of the firms;
  • Prepare and present documents for the internal order of the firms or for the public authorities;
  • Act as the representatives and/or give legal consultation on occasions of inspection by fiscal Authorities;
  • Advise the client in the process of internal corporate reorganization;
  • Provide preventive orientation on fiduciary obligations of the Office-bearers;
  • Render legal guidance on investment operations and administration of obligations.