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Criminal Law

Both individual persons and corporate entities can count on the office’s legal assistance and consultation also in criminal cases. The office takes up the cases right from the investigative level, through the inquiry, up to the dispute in court;

with appeals to higher courts, if necessary.

The lawyers can not only give consultation to the clients but also represent them on matters such as:

  • Compliance criminal;
  • Environmental crimes;
  • Crimes against the economic order;
  • Crimes against the tax net;
  • Crimes involving author’s rights, patents and royalties;
  • Crimes related to consumers rights;
  • Crimes against consumer relations;
  • Crimes against the National Financial system;
  • Bankruptsy crimes;
  • Property crimes;
  • Crimes related to disloyal competition, forming of cartel; and
  • Crimes related to public servants and government employees in general.