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Compliance and Corporate Ethics

Franco Advogados has a highly trained, multi-disciplinary team of lawyers who give consultation to its clients and help them formulate, implement and follow up compliance and due diligence processes and programs. This service involves risk analysis and assisting the clients in the observation of national and international laws of Corporate Ethics, following the principles and rules of FCPA and UK Bribery Act; and thus stave off corruption. Such jobs include, among others:

  • Formulating and updating the code of conduct and the company’s internal policies as well as recommending and establishing communication channels (hotline/helpline), to report suspected violation of rules and the company`s policies;
  • Conducting training in order to implement the code of conduct, establishing the company’s internal policies and the use of communication channels (hotline/helpline);
  • Due diligence and compliance Performing anti-corruption
  • Providing consultation to implement the verification process of incidents and the application of corrective and disciplinary measures;
  • Auditing and revising contracts in view of guaranteeing the best practices in accordance with compliance laws and the anti-corruption legislation;
  • Giving solid legal footing in investigative processes of frauds, in judicial disputes and in cases of asset recovery;
  • Making an evaluation of criminal risks and representing the company, its executives and workers in investigations and criminal processes, including the negotiation of a plea bargain (plea deal or nolo contendere);
  • Representing the Board of Directors and Committees in conducting internal investigation of alleged corruption, fraud and other improper acts;
  • Evaluating the practices adopted by the suppliers and clients in order to confirm or not if they are in accordance with the laws, regulations and internal policies; Giving consultation in formulating the procedures to guarantee integrity;
  • Representing the clients in administrative investigations and other litigations;
  • Representation in negotiations of leniency agreements with governmental authorities;
  • Representation of clients in anti-corruption cases; and
  • Providing legal advice in processes of certification of integrity.